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B5733 Mug & AX Loops, Bracers, Greaves, Gloves and Pouches


B5733 Mug & AX Loops, Bracers, Greaves, Gloves and Pouches


MUG/AX LOOPS, BRACERS, GREAVES, GLOVES AND POUCHES: Ax Loop A: 21/4"W. x 41/2"L.. Mug Loop B: 11/2"W. x 41/2"L.. Bracer C: 11"L. Greaves D: 13"L.. Pouch E: 21/2"W. x 41/2"L.. Pouch F: Approximately 9"W. x 8 1/2"L.(23cm x 22cm). Pouch G: 4"W. x 9"L.; contrast sides. Gloves H: One Pair; contrast palm. Glove I. View A,B,C,D,G,I have felt backing.  Designed for medium weight to heavy weight Woven and non-woven fabrics.

FABRICS: A,B,G: Synthetic Leather. C,D,H: Pre-quilted Muslin. E: Lt.Wt. Synthetic Suede. F,I, Contrasts G,H: Lt. Wt. - Med.Wt. Synthetic Suede. Backing A,B,C,D,G,I: Felt. Lining H: Cotton. Opt. Interfacing F: Fusible Knit.

NOTIONS: A: 15/8" - 21/2" Buckle or Ring. B: One 11/8" Button and 3/8 yd. of 1/8" Suede Lacing. C,D: Twenty-eight 1/4" Two-Part Eyelets, 1/8" Suede Lacing: 31/8 yds. for C and 33/4 yds. for D and 1/2" Double Fold Bias Tape: 21/2 yds. for C and 31/4 yds. for D. E: One 1" Button and 1/2 yd. of 1/8" Suede Lacing. F,G: 1/8" Suede Lacing: 21/4 yds. For F and 11/4 yds. for G. I: Two 1" D-rings.

SIZE: XM (Sm;-Med-Lrg).

NOTE: This is a one size pattern for comfort fit.

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