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First Ever Blog!

Ummm what's a blog, I think I may be a bit too old for this having just checked the definition on Wikipedia lol, Good start or what!? 

Anyway, this is my second hosted website, one which is totally alien to me, my previous website was managed by my lovely cousin Alan from ProfShop (thank you Alan for all your free support these past 3/ 4 years - big hugs). I had very little to do as it was all prepared for me behind the scenes; all I had to do was add pages, text and images with a little bit of formatting here and there, easy peasy!  Shopify on the other hand looks very busy and very complicated, well lets just say... very scary oh and dare I say, time consuming!  Today I managed to create a few pages within the catalogue itself and add a couple top level pages called Craft fairs and Markets so you know where I am trading, Privacy, About Me and set up my Customer Gallery.  Tomorrow, I am going to try and move the 4 products I have already created and move them to the Book page within the Catalogue.  I suspect I will be deleting and recreating. Yes I know there is a massive manual, it's packed with terminology!  I am a hands on person!    28/10/15 22:25